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7. The Dream
Producer/artist The Dream has split from his wife, singer Christina Milian.
10. The Dream and Christina Milian
Producer/artist The Dream has split from his wife, singer Christina Milian after photos leaked exposing an affair.

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1. Shakira Waka Waka [VIVO] Ceremonia De Clausura Mundial Sudafrica 2010
2. Shakira - Waka Waka LIVE 11/07/2010 @ Soccer City
3. SHAKIRA--Closing Ceremony of FIFA World Cup
4. Epic Rap Battle!
5. Heftige storm in Groningen 12 Juli 2010 !
6. Clara Morgane - Le Diable au Corps
7. Faith No More - Ajde Jano, Take II (EXIT 2010) TV HQ
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9. RUBENS BARRICHELLO fastest ever lap in a resonably priced car TOP GEAR
10. Blare LeVoir- Hurt (Christina Aguilera cover)

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1. Double Rainbow Song
2. Nelly Furtado - Bajo Otra Luz ft. La Mala Rodriguez
3. Israeli Soldiers Dancing ft. Kesha - Tick Tock (Rock the Casba in Hebron)
4. Eminem Feat. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie [Music Video]
5. Katy Perry - Ask Katy
6. Schweinsteiger charlaba con la prensa, mientras los espaƱoles festejaban.
7. Youp en Guus - Majesteit (Het WK-lied van NOS Studio Sportzomer 2010)
8. All Time Low - Alejandro (Lady GaGa cover) (+download link!)
9. Taeyang (SOL of BIGBANG) - I need a girl (featuring G-DRAGON) [HD]
10. 4 Minute - 'I My Me Mine' M/V

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1. Tik Tok and California Gurls are the same song?
2. 'Double Rainbow' Freakout Auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers
3. Nine Inch Fever: NIN vs. Saturday Night Fever (Video)
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