CTS Eventim has rejected a notice of termination from Live Nation as a "tactical litigation maneuver devoid of any material or legal foundation."

Live Nation's ticketing partner, based in Bremen, Germany, has announced its intention to claim damages running into millions of dollars.

CTS Eventim said the notice of termination was issued by Live Nation in respect of the 10-year partnership agreement concluded in December 2007.

"CTS Eventim has strictly rejected these accusations at all times and announced that it will claim substantial damages in the event of termination. Live Nation has nevertheless recently given notice that it is terminating the agreement on the grounds of alleged breaches," said the CTS Eventim statement.

After the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger received approval in the U.S.A. in February 2010 and also from the British anti-trust authorities in May 2010, Live Nation alleged various breaches of contract by CTS Eventim.

"We will respond by claiming additional substantial damages due to unwarranted termination," announced the Eventim management board in a statement.

The management board of CTS Eventim considers the contract termination to be a "predictable dodge" in the context of the arbitration action against Live Nation that was lodged by CTS Eventim at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris on April 5, 2010.

Under the agreement, Live Nation received a 10-year software and technology license from CTS Eventim to operate a ticketing system in North America. In return, it committed to have its ticket distribution in mainland Europe and the United Kingdom handled by CTS Eventim.

"On the basis of the license, Live Nation has been operating its own ticketing platform in the U.S.A. since the beginning of 2009, and with considerable success. Millions of tickets have since been sold via the platform. CTS Eventim, in the meantime, has used the partnership to enter the Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech and UK markets," CTS Eventim said in its statement.

Live Nation described CTS Eventim's April 2010 claim of breach of contract as "without merit and inconsistent with the terms of the CTS agreement," and made counterclaims that CTS had breached the contract by failing to provide a ticketing platform that meets the minimum contractual standards.

There was no further comment from Live Nation today (July 14).

CTS Eventim sold more than 80 million tickets for over 100,000 events last year in 20 European countries using systems it developed and marketed, according to the company.