In an effort to increase engagement with both music and the ads placed around it, is incorporating technology from MXP4 that lets users interact with songs in more ways than by simply listening to it.

With the new apps, users can now remix songs, play karaoke with them, create mashups and so on. The idea, says VP of national digital sales Adam Goldman, is to create a “lean-forward” experience so users are actively engaging with the site rather than letting the music play in the background. Doing so, of course, will draw more attention to the ads placed on sponsored pages within, and the hope anyway is that it will make the ads more valuable.

From the release:

MXP4 apps can be customized for a more game like music experience, allowing fans to not just play music, but play with it.’s new premium advertising platform results in branded environments and ad units in which users engage with the songs themselves. Sponsored pages will integrate MXP4’s FanMix, Remix It, Max It and Sing It, as well as social gaming type features like Karaoke Battle. Users can turn instruments on and off for a particular track, combine different versions of the same song, or sing along as lyrics scroll on the player.