How could a band use Foursquare or other geolocation apps? Music Supported Here has this advice: “’Checking in’ at the venue when you arrive for load-in would send a message out to all of your friends/fans you are there – an gentle reminder about the show. ‘Checking in’ when you are out and about in town, attending other shows or simply going for a drink gives you a chance to create connections with new fans. Send out shouts to fans when you’re on tour – asking for recommended places to eat, finding a local mechanic or cheap accommodation – again, much like Twitter.”

Billboard sat with Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley in April when he had this to say on ways to work with the music industry:

Are you working with anyone in the music industry?
You asked about revenue, and there are three areas. The first is with local merchants. The second is with big media companies. And the third is with brands, which sometimes are celebrities or music labels. It's giving them accounts on Foursquare and letting them leave content that people can discover by checking into places. I don't know if I can announce these yet, but we're starting to get musical acts signed up. So if they're touring in Chicago and you're in Chicago, then these are the places the artists go to and you can live vicariously through the band by going to these same places. They can create badges for their fans if they do the things they've prescribed them to do. We've seen that work very well with high-profile users.

So artists and venues can work something out to use Foursquare as a way to get fans to do things?
Yeah. One of the more interesting things we did at SXSW this year was that we imported all the event data of which bands were playing at which places at what time. So if you checked into Stubb's at this time on this day, we know you saw this band. We can do that over time and show you which bands you saw over the month of March and April and [show how] your music taste is trending this way and maybe make recommendations. Maybe you unlock a special badge. So it's all about challenging users to do things.

We did this thing with Spin magazine where if you saw four bands with animal names you unlocked some weird badge. There's no real meaning behind it, but it's just a fun thing to do. Maybe you see a band you wouldn't normally see just to unlock that badge.

How do you think artists or really anyone in the music industry should use Foursquare?
A lot of the stuff we're just making up as we go along. We don't have a specific music product we're trying to sell to artists. But artists will give us a call and we'll have a conversation about what we might do. A lot is just looking at the platform and trying to wrap your head around it and try to find ways to use it. We come up with new and interesting ideas all the time, and it's really what's driving the product going forward.