Happy Mondays dancer and founder member Bez, real name Mark Berry, has received a four week jail sentence for assaulting his former girlfriend.

The sentence was passed down today (Aug. 25) at Manchester Magistrates Court when Berry refused to carry out a community service order for assaulting his ex partner, Monica Ward.

According to reports in the U.K. press, Berry told the chair of the Manchester magistrates' bench Marie Cash that he did not recognize her authority and responded to her initial sentencing of four weeks of community service with the words: ''I'm not doing it. Bothered."

Berry, who represented himself, was duly jailed and is reported to have shouted, ''Victory is in my grasp'' as he was handcuffed and taken to the cells.

He was also ordered to pay £450 ($695) in costs after the court had heard how a row over money with the mother of his two-year-old son had turned violent.

Berry has said that he will appeal the sentence.