Tomorrow Apple will take the stage in San Francisco to lay out it’s product and service announcements for the holiday sales period, and as usual a flurry of rumors and speculation abound.

The latest is a report from CNET that, among other things, Apple will double the length of song samples streamed from iTunes, and in some cases triple the current 30-second snippets available. It’s an interesting tidbit, but what Apple really needs to do is find a construct that would allow it to stream full songs in their entirety, as many of its competitors now do.

Regardless, it’s unlikely Apple is gathering the media just to tell them that. But it does point to what many label sources feel will be a presentation largely focused on improving the overall discover experience on iTunes, something that has long been Apple’s weakness. Label sources speaking with Billboard confirm that there are no new licensing negotiations taking place with Apple, leading to their speculating that Apple will be announcing new features that don’t require new licensing, such as discovery. This will likely include improvements to the Genius automix feature, as well as potentially some element of social sharing/recommendations.