Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at its annual media event and introduced a completely new lineup of iPods, revamping every model it has on the market, in what he called “the strongest lineup of iPods we’ve ever had.”

The Shuffle gets navigation buttons again, as well as voice-activated playlists, Genius mixes, Voicover speech technology that tells you what songs are being played, 15 hours of battery, and a new, smaller design. It’ll cost $50 for 2 GB and comes in five colors.

The Nano gets an overhaul. The clickwheel has been replaced with a full-screen multitouch display, similar to the iPod Touch. It has an FM radio, 24-hour battery life and is 46% smaller and 42% lighter. It will cost $150 for 8 GB and $180 for $16 GB.

The iPod Touch adds many elements previously announced on the iPhone 4, including the high-resolution “Retina” display, a front facing camera to make FaceTime video calls, and a rear-facing camera to record video. With 40 hrs battery life for music, it comes in three sizes: 8Gb for $229, 32GB for $299, and 64Gb for $399.

All three models will be on retail shelves next week, with pre-orders being accepted today.

Apple has sold 275 million iPods since the first model introduced, and Jobs made it clear this new lineup is meant to keep that momentum going.