Vevo has created an app for the upcoming Google TV service, the company revealed today. The app will provide a customized catalog of music programming from the Vevo catalog and is built especially for Google TV.

A screenshot of the Vevo app at Google shows an elegant, simple design. On the left side of the screen is a list of channels. On the right side is a description of the selected channel. Channels include“Live on Letterman,” “Vevo Top 10,” “Hit List,” “Vevo Go Shows,” “Watch Out, Rock Out,” and “Cookin’ Country.”

The Vevo announcement coincided with a broader release of details about Google TV, Google’s upcoming search-based platform for connected TVs. Along with Vevo, HBO, TBS, New York Times, CNN, Cartoon Network and TNT are also featured content providers for the rollout. Some networks are fine-tuning their websites to function better with Google TV. Others companies, such as Vevo, will offer content through downloadable apps. According to the Google TV website, the service will come pre-loaded with apps for Pandora, Twitter, CNBC, Napster, NBA Game Time and Amazon Video on Demand.

Mobile devices will be part of Google TV. An Android device or iPhone can be used as remote controls. One cool feature will be the ability to “fling” a video from a mobile device to Google TV with one button click. So if you’re watching a video on your iPhone, you can easily view it on your TV.

Google TV brings Google’s search technology into the living room. It will allow users to search across apps, television channels and the Internet to find the programming they desire. The service will be integrated into Sony connected TVs and Logitech set-top boxes. Dish Networks subscribers will get some enhanced TV and DVR features.