The Echo Nest has raised $7 million in funding in a round led by Matrix Partners. Previous backer Commonwealth Capital Ventures also participated in the round.

Remember those BASF commercials that said, “We make the products you buy better?” That’s basically what the Echo Nest does. The company provides intelligence technology to a number of music services. Its platform conducts acoustical analysis to understand tempo, pitch, timbre and other attributes. Echo Nest crawls the web to find out what is known about a particular piece of music. And it analyzes online music behavior in order to understand online trends. Spotify, 7digital, Thumbplay and Mog are among its many clients.

In May, the Echo Nest partnered with Dada Entertainment’s Play.ME to open the service’s licensed catalog to app developers. When developers create apps using Echo Nest technology, they can have access to a catalog of music that has already been cleared. So, these small developers don’t have to take on the task of obtaining music licenses.

Matrix Partners invests in a range of technology companies, from enterprise software and services to mobile and wireless. Matrix was an early investor in such companies as Apple and SanDisk. Its current portfolio includes executive job site and Verivue, which provides delivery systems to providers of online video.