Bill Werde, editorial director for Billboard, encouraged more than 100 music and tech industry players to “stand on your chair and call bullshit when you start to hear some on stage” this morning during opening remarks at the Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live Music App Summit in San Francisco.

Werde kicked off a day of keynotes and panels from the people and companies creating some of the best apps in the music space, from music subscriptions services like MOG to hit apps like “I Am T-Pain.” The Summit aims to tackle some of the models that are and aren't working in the rapidly evolving space, as well as award the best apps. Clear Channel Radio's executive VP Evan Harrison, Rick Farman co-founder of Superfly Presents, and Joe Kennedy CEO of Pandora are among the key speakers.

Sponsored by Logic, Motorola, and iheartradio, the conference is part of the CTIA E&A conference proceedings this week at Moscone Center.

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