Hit iPhone auto-tuner “I Am T-Pain” took home the 'Best Artist-Based App' Award at the Billboard Music App Awards today in San Francisco, beating out finalists Linkin Park's “8-Bit Rebellion” and “TouchChords: Jimmie Vaughan.”

Sporting a “Big Ass Chain” necklace, white blazer and company sign, Smule marketing manager Turner Kirk accepted the award and thanked rapper T-Pain, who singlehandedly conceived of the auto-tuning iPhone app, and executed it with Smule. “We're lucky T-Pain and Nappy Boy just get it,” Kirk said.

Released in 2009, “I Am T-Pain” went to number one on the Apple App Store, and has stayed in the top 50 since then. Arguably one of the most-downloaded music apps of all time, it boasts two million users, one million YouTube video uploads. The app has been launched 45 million times and consumed 450 man-years.

Fellow finalist Linkin Park's “8-Bit Rebellion” was created by Linkin Park, Artificial Life and Warner Bros Records. It features members battling an evil corporation amidst Linkin Park tracks. Curious Brain's “TouchChords: Jimmy Vaughan” streams music, teaches users to learn to play guitar with tablature and notation, and was installed 50,000 times in the three weeks after launch.

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