For only the second time ever, Fonovisa is hosting a Web chat for one of its artists as part of the regional Mexican's label continued efforts to establish its acts in the digital realm.

Marco Antonio Solís, one of the biggest names in regional Mexican music, will host a live chat with fans on his website,, with support from his label.

Solis, who is notoriously press-shy, will answer questions from fans for an hour live from Guadalajara, Mexico, Oct. 10. The chat is in advance of the release of his new album, "En Total Plenitud," due Oct. 12.

It will be one of Solí's few mass promotional efforts and one that will provide glimpse into his online potential. The same evening, the singer/songwriter travels to Argentina to play 18 dates.

Fonovisa's first live chat was with Jenni Rivera earlier this year. A second Rivera live chat is scheduled for November.