That teens are glued to their mobile phones is no surprise. But new data fro Nielsen shows just how tight the connection is.

According to the company’s analysis of monthly cell phones bills of more than 60,000 mobile subscribers from April to June and a companion survey of teens, they’re sending or receiving 3,339 texts a month. That works out to six per waking hour and is an 8% increase over last year.

The uber-users are girls aged 13-17, who sent or received more than 4,000 texts per month (males in the same age range drop to 2,539).
Going further, 43% of teens say texting is their main reason for buying a phone. As a result, voice calls have decreased by 14%.

They also consume a lot of data in the form of Internet browsing, apps, e-mail and so on. Data usage increased four times over the second quarter of last year, from 14 MB to 62 MB. App and software downloads are up 12% over last year as well, including popular apps as Facebook, Pandora and YouTube.