As part of IFP's Independent Film Week, Paul Rachman and Steven Blush previewed their in-progress documentary, "Lost Rockers," at the Bleeker Street Theater. "Lost Rockers," which is about great musicians who fell through the cracks of history will contain interviews with Gloria Jones, who originally performed "Tainted Love;" Cherry Vanilla, a mainstay performer at Max's Kansas City before punk exploded; Velvet Underground member Doug Yule; David Peel, whose "Have a Marijuana" album, recorded with his band The Lower East Side, was one of the more controversial album of the 1960’s; Chris Robison, a member of Elephant Memory, a successful rock band in their own right, which also backed John Lennon on his Sometime In New York album; and Jake Holmes, who is now suing Jimmy Page over the song "Dazed and Confused." The filmmakers play to have a rough cut of the film by next summer in time for a 2012 release. PHOTOS: TONY MANN AND RICK BURROWS

Jake Homes, the well-known jingle writer, played a solo acoustic set at the "Lost Rockers" event, ending his set with "Dazed & Confused." While his acoustic guitar strumming was faithful to the song as it is played on the "Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes," which came out in 1967, he sang new lyrics that alluded to his copyright infringement lawsuit against Jimmy Page, who is credited with writing the song on the first Led Zeppelin album.

From Left: Lost Rockers producer Steven Blush, Chris Robison, Jake Holmes, director Paul Rachman, David Peel and associate producer Tony Mann.

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