Online ticketing startup Eventbrite has updated their Eventbrite Easy Entry free iPhone app with a barcode scanning feature. Now, event organizers are able to check-in attendees by scanning a 2-D barcode on tickets on the iPhone.

Check-ins are synced across multiple devices so event organizers can have multiple points of entry. Check-ins are updated on the organizer’s event list stored on Eventbrite’s servers.

Next month the company will launch Eventbrite Entry Management, a free service that allows users to check in attendees online from their Eventbrite accounts through a browser interface. The Easy Entry iPhone app works with the Entry Management service.

Eventbrite has quickly become one of the most innovative companies in the fast-changing online ticketing market. In early October the company announced a $20 million investment round led by DAG Ventures. It had previously raised $9.5 million in funding. The company is projecting $200 million in gross revenue in 2010.