Clear Channel Radio and Toyota are giving the mobile app new meaning in a deal that will bring the iheartradio digital music smartphone application to select models of Toyota vehicles next year.

The partnership will bring all of iheartradio's programming into the cars, including 750 local Clear Channel radio stations, digital-only stations hosted by such artists as Weezer and the Eagles, and commercial-free streaming shows from the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran and other DJs around the country.

Exactly how this will happen is not yet clear. The companies say more details will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in July. Presumably, it means installing the app inside the vehicle where users can navigate through it via the car dashboard somehow. That would also mean establishing some kind of Internet connection within the vehicle as well. Or, it could just wind up being some kind of fancy smartphone dock or Bluetooth connection that syncs an iheartradio-enabled mobile phone with the vehicle.

Either way, this is the first time Toyota is getting into the mobile app business. Bringing digital music into the automobile on a mass scale is the goal of pretty much every digital music service, from iheartradio to Pandora to on-demand services like Rhapsody and MOG. Pandora got a foothold in this market through a partnership with SYNC: the Microsoft-designed in-car system from Ford that integrates phone content into the car's audio system.

That desire to get into the car has been talked about for years, but could become more of a reality in 2011. Look for announcements coming from Pandora, MOG and others in the new year as well.