Ticketmaster added some new social features to the service today in hopes of better connecting fans with the concerts they want to see.

CEO Nathan Hubbard unveiled the changes on the company’s blog. The features are pretty much an extension of the iLike service that lets anyone logged into the Ticketmaster system see what shows their friends are attending, using an aptly named “Attending” button.

It’s integrated with each artist’s profile pages on Tickemaster as well, so those browsing can also see a list of anyone planning to see a given show. It’s also integrated with Facebook, so friends can see who is attending a show based on Facebook profiles and added “Like” buttons to artist and venues pages. These seem to be the first steps of more social-type sharing throughout the Facebook system.

From the post: "As you interact with the site and express your live event preferences and purchases, you’ll see activity start to fill your news feeds. We’ll also synthesize and post it on the relevant pages throughout our site."

For a taste of how all this works check out the My Chemical Romance and Kenny Chesney profiles.