As first reported in Billboard last month, MTV unveiled the beta launch of its music discover product, the MTV Music Meter.

The Music Meter is a way to track which bands are showing the most activity on various types of social media, focused on up and coming artists rather than the established stars. The idea is to highlight emerging acts before they become popular.

It relies on technology from The Echo Nest to search social networking services, blogs, video streams and other sources to compile the list. Fans using it can then stream music sample from Rhapsody (or full songs if they're Rhapsody subscribers), watch videos, read Tweets, access news, and see a list of similar artists.

The Music Meter is launching as a standalone website, but eventually will be incorporated into other MTV products, such as smartphone apps, a Music ID service coming from mobile operator Sprint, and will serve as the core feature of a new MTV music website that's currently in development and expected to go live next year.