The Gorillaz have dropped a special Christmas present for fans -- "The Fall," an album mixed and recorded by frontman Damon Albarn using the iPad, is available on the band's website ( as of Dec. 25.

Over a dozen iPad apps were used to mix and record "The Fall," including Speak It!, SoundyThingie, Mugician, Funx Box, Gliss, AmpliTube and Xenon. The 15-track set also features Bobby Womack and was recorded over 32 days during the Gorillaz' 2010 tour stops between Montreal and Vancouver.

Fan cub members can download "The Fall" for free, while non-members can listen to a stream in exchange for an email address.

"The Fall" follows the March release of Gorillaz' last studio set, "Plastic Beach." In a recent interview, Albarn said he wanted to release the new album quickly to avoid arguments that its songs had been mixed or recorded outside of the iPad.

"I literally made it on the road in America over a month," he said. "If I left it until the New Year to release it, then the cynics out there would say, 'Oh well, it's been tampered with.' But if I put it out now, they'd know that I haven't done anything because I've been on tour ever since."

Here is the tracklist for Gorillaz' "The Fall":

"Phoner to Arizona"
"Revolving Doors"
"HillyBilly Man"
"Little Pink Plastic Bag"
"The Joplin Spider"
"The Parish of Space Dust"
"The Snake in Dallas"
"The Speak It Mountains"
"Aspen Forest"
"Bobby in Phoenix"
"California and the Slipping of the Sun"
"Seattle Yodel"