Just yesterday we listed off what the big trends will be at this year's CES, and already the news trickle is starting to prove out at least one of our predictions - connected cars.

Today, Toyota introduced its Entune system, designed to integrate mobile phones (and more importantly, their apps) into the in-vehicle controls of supporting cars. Piggybacking on that announcement are music apps Pandora and iheartradio, both of which are supported at launch.

Now anyone can simply stream music from their smartphone through their car speakers through an auxerily jack or FM tuner, but the sound quality is generally poor and requires users to control the app from the phone.

Entune, like the existing Ford Sync system, lets users control the action directly from the dashboard, and adds voice-controls to the mix as well.

Meanwhile BMW is expanding its Assist infotainment system with wireless network provider AT&T. Through the deal, AT&T will deliver a suite of as-yet unnamed safety, information and entertainment services to future BMW models.