Left to right: Hiroki Beck, International A&R Coordinator, Ministry of Sound U.K.; David Dollimore, Managing Director of Recording, Ministry of Sound U.K.; Dipesh Parmar, Sr. A&R Manager, Ministry of Sound U.K.

Ministry of Sound was well represented at the Carlton on Sunday night. They say business is good for the Ministry of Sound mini-empire, but there is always room for growth. At MIDEM Hiroki Beck is hoping to tap into new markets like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.


Left to right: Michael Schneider, CEO, Mobile Roadie; Andrew Mains, VP Artist Relations and Services.

Michael Schneider (Mobile Roadie) and Andrew Mains (Topspin) represent two of the most buzzed-about music tech companies of the moment. Both companies have a strong presence at MIDEM.


Left to right: Katie Stephenson, Leopard International; Paul Sampson, Eskimo Live; Mimmi Bashiri, Extreme Music and 22D Music Group.

Mimmi Bashiri (right) wears two hats. She is the owner of Extreme Music, the Stockholm-based production music library. She is also part of 22D Music Group, a Paris-based independent rights management company that focuses on the audio-visual industries.


Left to right: Greg Silver, co-founder and CEO, Musicmetric; Marie-Alicia Chang, co-founder & Business Development Manager, Musicmetric; Jeremy Silver, director at Musicmetric and advisor at Featured Artist Coalition.

Musicmetric, which offers music analytics and trend data for musicians, had a solid buzz at this year's MIDEM. Chairman Jeremy Silver is also an advisor at the Featured Artist Coalition, a U.K.-based organization that campaigns for laws, regulations and business practices on behalf of artists. The FAC has moved on from the "firestorm" that surrounded its file-sharing debate and has more recently championed the "On Air-On Sale" practice that puts tracks on sale as soon as they hit radio.


Left to right: Guna Zucika, Brainstorm Records; Paul Brindley, co-founder, MusicAlly

Paul Brindley succeeded in the herculean task of moderating a panel on music licensing on the opening day of MidemNET. As a general rule of thumb, the only thing more difficult than moderating a panel on music licensing is actually licensing a legal music service.


Left to right: Donna D'Cruz, DJ and head of Rasa Music; Tom Silverman, CEO and chairman, Tommy Boy Entertainment; Caroline Drothero, manager of David Guetta.

Tom Silverman needs no introduction. "He's responsible for De La Soul," one person at the party said in explaining his place in music industry lore. Silverman was in fine form at The Carlton, warning of an impending drop in track sales, encouraging major labels to be more active in industry discussions and predicting that recorded music sales will come back only when a format is created that hardware manufacturers can get behind.