Ricardo Campoy, the former president of Spanish indie label Vale Music has launched a new independent label in Spain. Roster Music, which opened its doors earlier this month, will initially be focused on what Campoy calls "pop dance," much like Vale was in its beginnings. No artists have been signed yet to the label, but Campoy tells Billboard that requests have been flooding in.

Roster will be distributed in Spain by Universal, with whom Vale and Campoy have a long-standing relationship. Roster will also help promote and market Universal's dance product.

Campoy founded Vale 13 years ago and the label came to prominence with the advent of music reality show "Operación Triunfo," whose finalists -- including David Bisbal -- were signed to Vale. Vale was distributed by Universal, which acquired the label five years ago. Campoy remained on board as president. Now, with his Universal contract over, Campoy has once again gone solo.

"I'm fully aware that at a time when the business model is undergoing deep changes, founding a new company may seem extraordinary," says Campoy. "But I firmly believe that these challenges have to be met with enormous respect and from the standpoint that there are innovative formulas to create the right music company at the right time."