On Thursday Apple released iTunes 10.1.2, the latest update for the company's popular music and media management system. While stability and performance improvement are ostensibly the reasons behind the new edition, several of the upgrades point to important new markets for Apple.

Macwold reports that after installing the upgrade, the "Before You Install" directions mention that 10.1.2 allows syncing for "iPhone 4 (CDMA)," which is the new model of iPhone Apple will release on Feb. 10 for its deal with Verizon.

Apple's AT&T smartphone currently uses the GSM standard which is incompatible with the Verizon network.

The new edition also offers AirPlay which allows iTunes to wirelessly stream videos to Apple TV, a format Apple has been promoting for the last several years.

The upgrade is only for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating systems or later.