Grab your five-button guitar, keep your eyes glued to the flat screen and get ready to rock out to what is arguably the greatest record ever made: The Clash's classic 1979 double album "London Calling."

Harmonix Music Systems, the creators of Rock Band gaming franchise, announced the Clash's touchstone recording will be available for download on Feb. 1 in the Rock Band 3 music store. The game can be played with Xbox 360, PlaySation3 and Wii.

The Clash's third album was released on Epic Records in Dec. 1979. An amalgam of punk rock, pop, reggae, rockabilly and dance music, "London Calling" sold more than 2 million copies upon its release. It is often included on best-album-of-all-time lists.

The album track list is as follows:
"London Calling"

"Brand New Cadillac"

"Jimmy Jazz"


"Rudie Can't Fail"

"Spanish Bombs"

"The Right Profile"

"Lost in the Supermarket"


"The Guns of Brixton"

"Wrong 'Em Boyo"

"Death or Glory"

"Koka Kola"

"The Card Cheat"

"Lover's Rock"

"Four Horsemen"

"I'm Not Down"

"Revolution Rock"

(The album's hidden track "Train in Vain" was previously released on Rock Band.)