Rhapsody Extends Free Trials To 60 Days For March
Rhapsody Extends Free Trials To 60 Days For March

This month Rhapsody is bumping up the length of a free trial to its music streaming service from 14 days to 60 days, the company announced today.

The "60 Day Free-For-All" campaign embeds the Rhapsody experience throughout MTV Networks' programming and social media. (RealNetworks and MTV Networks each own slightly less than half of Rhapsody.) Rhapsody will be promoted on MTV, MTV2, VH1 and CMT and will receive tie-ins on shows like MTV's "Jersey Shore." You'll also see the campaign on mobile apps.

The campaign is a boost for the subscription model and one that could help Rhapsody grow beyond its 750,000 subscribers. Growth in consumer adoption is still sluggish even though new services, products and features are appearing all the time - and the extension of the trial period, which customarily runs from 3 to 14 days to try a service, may help. The brevity of free trials is a frequent complaint within the industry. After all, if you're asking a person to spend $120 a year, shouldn't they know what they're paying for?

But now consumers can ruminate on the decision for a full two months. That should give them time to properly live with the service. Transitioning from free trial to subscriber will be easy: just do nothing. Consumers must enter a credit card number to start the free trial.

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