Steven Tyler's AppSoLewdly: the Week in Apps
Steven Tyler's AppSoLewdly: the Week in Apps

-- Steven Tyler's AppSoLewdly
Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge Steven Tyler has added app entrepreneur to his resume with the release of the iPhone app "Steven Tyler's AppSoLewdly," available now on iTunes. The $3 app lets users access exclusive content provided by Tyler, such as never before seen photos, self-made videos, and "Tylerisms," defined as "noises from his head like a digital sound box." Content will be culled from his daily life, activity on the American Idol set and into the recording studio.

-- FanTrail
FanTrail is a new iPhone app designed to let artists and fans connect on multiple levels.

For starters, participating artists can broadcast voice messages to fans using the app, recording whatever they like and instantly sending it to users. It also has a geo-location feature that lets fans check-in Foursquare style to various places, shows, etc., and lets the artist see all that activity at once. And the LoveMail feature lets artists send messages to fans directly if they like. There's also a commerce platform that lets artists sell music via the app, which users can then buy and download to their phone.

An interesting part of the app is how it shares revenues with artists. In addition to any royalties due from music sales, artists earn a percentage of all app revenue (from things like advertising, affiliate payments, sponsorships, etc) based on how many fans they have via the app and their level of activity.

The app is available for only the iPhone today, but has plans to expand to Android "shortly." Artists involved at launch include Erykah Badu and The Roots.

-- MTV Music Meter
MTV brought its Music Meter social buzz chart to the iPhone and iPad. The service, which launched in December as a standalone website and first came to mobile phones via the Android platform, is free. It functions much like the website, simply listing the top 10 artists with the biggest spike in activity on social networks. By measuring daily changes in the social conversation rather than total volume, the Music Meter is meant to highlight emerging acts that are on the cusp of breaking more widely. It also has a search feature that lets users look up any artist and get their bio, photos, streaming audio from Rhapsody and news.

-- SoundHound
SoundHound issued an update to its iPhone song ID app adds a new featured called Recommended songs, that creates a customized list of song recommendations based on each user's past ID history. It also adds better social sharing capabilities through Twitter and Facebook. SoundHound VP of sales Katie McMahon says the changes were based on customer feedback, and that usage has seen a "material increase" since. The company hopes to apply the same updates to its Android app "soon."

-- Getmusic
Universal Music Australia unveiled a new music app for the Windows Phone 7 platform, called Getmusic. It's a mobile version of the Getmusic service, which is Universal Music Australia's website, which aggregates news, streaming music, and download sales for all its artists. The mobile app lets users download and buy music and merchandise from the Universal catalog, as well as receive news, discount offers and enter contests to win tickets to upcoming concerts. The app is exclusive to the Windows platform, which means Microsoft probably paid Universal a hunk of cash for the honor. The app is free.