YouTube, NMPA Reach 'Unprecedented' Deal to Pay Independent Music Publishers
YouTube, NMPA Reach 'Unprecedented' Deal to Pay Independent Music Publishers

YouTube is called by many the most important digital music service on the Web. Next to Myspace, it's the only place where fans can go online to listen to music for free, on-demand. The volume of traffic it receives is said generate lucrative advertising revenue for artists and labels. And it's all run buy a former biology student named Salar Kamangar.

In a recent San Jose Mercury News interview Kamangar, Google's ninth employee who took over running the video unit two years ago, discussed the future of YouTube, how it fits into Google proper and what the executive changes at Google mean for YouTube.

Here are a few key quotes:

-- "We want to move YouTube from being a site that's organized around individual videos to one that's organized around sets of videos"

-- "We're a fundamental part of the advertising business for Google."

-- "(Incoming CEO) Larry [Page] is really focused on making sure that Google has a culture where impatient people can be successful, where we are doing bold things on the technology side that matter for end users. And I think YouTube is a good example of where, if you're an engineer, you can get things done quickly and you can have a big impact."

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