MOG Grows Fastest Among Facebook's On-Demand Music Apps
MOG Grows Fastest Among Facebook's On-Demand Music Apps

Subscription music service MOG is making aggressive moves to insert itself into a variety of Internet-connected appliances, unveiling today integrations with a series of TV sets, home entertainment systems and even a car.

A deal with LG Electronics installs the MOG service on the company's SmartTV platform, and on all HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players. It includes access to the entire on-demand music library, personalized radio and other features. Addition deals are expected with Samsung and Vizio Internet-connected TVs as well.

Adding to MOG's move into the living room is a deal with the Sonos multi-room wireless digital music system. The partnership lets Sonos users connect to the MOG service directly from the home entertainment unit, rather than through a computer running the MOG service. It also supports on-demand access to the MOG catalog, radio and other features.

Both deals offer new users a 14-day free trial, followed by a $10 monthly subscription.

Beyond the living room, MOG is gaining a foothold in the automobile through BMW's Mini line. According to information MOG shared with the New York Times, the integration requires connecting a smartphone running the MOG app to the Mini's dashboard, allowing users to then control the service from the car's digital display.

At this year's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, MOG previewed it's strategy for expanding into the car further through a deal with factory-installed audio component manufacturer Visteon. Among the on-demand music services, MOG is the most aggressive about entering the car market.

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