David Lynch To Relaunch Website Thursday, Offer Music and Remixes
David Lynch To Relaunch Website Thursday, Offer Music and Remixes

David Lynch has redesigned his website to offer video "experiments," music recordings and remixes from 1976's "Eraserhead" through last year's double-sided single "Good Day Today"/"I Know."

Lynch is relaunching his davidlynch.com site Thursday between 1:23 p.m. and 1:38 p.m. PST to emphasize the offerings of the David Lynch Music Co., which he founded in 2007. Music and videos can be streamed; downloads of songs are offered at 320 kps and Apple Lossless formats. The site features music Lynch owns.

In a few months, Lynch will offer the complete "Thought Gang" album he created with Angelo Badalamenti in the early 1990s but never released. A 1992 video featuring some of "Thought Gang's" jazz improvisations is among the site's visuals.

Lynch has also included a video from the mid-1990s of the Lynch-produced Fox Bat Strategy, the roadhouse band in "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me," featuring the late guitarist Dave Jauerequai, drummer Stephen Hodges and bassist Don Falzone. A trailer for recent blues recordings captures Lynch working in his Asymmetrical recording studio.

The site is powered by Topspin, which Lynch said in an e-mail to Billboard.biz "allows for a direct connection (with fans)."

Among the artists to be featured on the site Thursday are Polish pianist Marek Zebrowski, Afghani-American singer Ariana Delawari and Donovan, who headlined a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation last year.

Among Lynch's compositions to be available on the site are his song "In Heaven" with Peter Ivers from "Eraserhead," and "Ghost of Love" from "Inland Empire."

Lynch said additions will come in various amounts. "We wanted to build the site so it could be updated with a track at any time or updated with a full album as an event," he wrote in the e-mail.