Superglued Sneak Peek: App, Unveiling At SXSW, Finds Gigs Based On Location, Friends, Preferences
Superglued Sneak Peek: App, Unveiling At SXSW, Finds Gigs Based On Location, Friends, Preferences

While the music industry continues to wait for Foursquare to develop a music strategy, other less-known location-based apps are doing it today. SuperGlued is one such company, using the South by Southwest festival to launch an app that lets users find concerts based on their location, preferences and friends. The official unveiling takes place tomorrow at the GigMaven Ides of March Party at Emo's, but here are the early details.

The app lists upcoming shows by date but sorts them by location, customizable to wherever the app recognizes the user is at any given time. It scans users iTunes libraries to build a favorite artists list, and also recommends similar artists in the area. A friend-finder feature provides a real-time feed of which shows their selected friends are attending. And it lets users purchase tickets from within the app.

Other features include:
•Artist and Member Profiles: Includes bio, past shows and upcoming shows
•Show Details: Venue address, map and directions, ticket information, showtime
•Show-Specific Tweets: Ability to post and browse tweets related to particular event
•Photo Gallery: Ability to post and browse show photo galleries

The SuperGlued app also integrates with both Facebook and Foursquare. It's available for both iTunes and Android, with a Web-based version in the works.

Given the mass of both official and unofficial concerts and showcases taking place at SXSW, it's a fertile ground in which to launch. However it's not as clear how useful it will be outside the event, where such a huge crush of bands playing in a small area at the same time is far rarer.

Location-based mobile apps are a hot topic. According to reports from SXSW, Google VP of consumer products Marissa Mayer said 40% of the traffic for its Google Maps service comes from mobile phones. Still, didn't we talk all about this last year at SXSW? And still the only company really worth talking about is Foursquare, in terms of usage and popular buzz.

Perhaps that's why Foursquare is holding off doing anything too official with music just now. It can easily afford to wait and see how third-party apps like SuperGlued (or Flowd or Soundtrackr do before creating something more official.

After all, that's how Twitter does it.