Artists seeking an alternative to typical shows are finding them in people's homes. For years, such artists as Curt Smith of Tears for Fears, Jason Falkner, Parthenon Huxley and Bleu have performed at the living room shows of WEA national account director Jay Gilbert in his Los Angeles-area home.

Gilbert is on to something. During the last three years, living room shows have become standard for Bleu, says his manager, Stacey Peck of Speck Management. To satisfy some older fans' desire for an alternative to late-night shows in rock venues, Peck utilizes Bleu's e-mail list, Facebook and Twitter to fill in the nights between club gigs. Bleu has played small and large homes, backyards and even an apartment complex courtyard, Peck says. The extra revenue also provides stability when income from club gigs varies from night to night: "It's guaranteed money when he's out on the road."

For some established artists, a private living room show can rival the money of a normal gig, High Road Touring booking agent Zachary Cepin says. He has seen individuals spend nearly six figures to have an artist perform for a few friends. "They have money to burn and want their favorite artist to perform."