Regional Mexican artist Gerardo Ortiz, along with the bilingual cable network mun2, will pay tribute to slain business manager Ramiro Caro on the program "Reventon with Yarel," scheduled to air Sunday at 12 p.m., ET/PT.

The one-hour show regularly features Regional Mexican acts. Ortiz, who has been on the program several times, is known for writing and singing narcocorridos, music that explores Mexico's drug wars.

"Ramiro was part of our mun2 family," said Yarel Ramos, the program's host, who also attended Caro's memorial services on Thursday. "The special will celebrate Ramiro's life through Gerardo's music and all the people who worked behind the scenes."

Ortiz and Caro, also cousins, were on business in Colima, Mexico, on March 20 when their vehicle was ambushed. Caro, 31, and a driver, Abel Valle Rosales, 59, were killed, but Ortiz, his father and an unidentified female escaped with minor injuries.

Authorities are investigating, but have not arrested anyone in the case, according to a spokesperson with the Attorney General's office in Colima.

The show will include candid moments between Ortiz and Caro in addition to recent concert footage while the cousins were in Mazatlán, Mexico, on March 7. Ramos interviewed Ortiz exclusively during that trip.

Ortiz's new album, "Morir y Existir," goes on sale Tuesday.