Steve Jobs' Cause of Death: Respiratory Arrest
Steve Jobs' Cause of Death: Respiratory Arrest

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled for June 6-10, the company announced today, which is sure to start a new round of speculation over whether CEO Steve Jobs will use his keynote address to unveil the company's much-anticipated cloud music service.

Here's why that probably won't happen: For starters, Apple doesn't unveil major new service upgrades at WWDC. The event is used to brief developers (paying over a thousand dollars each to attend) on the nitty-gritty of its new operating systems -- likely with updates to iOS (powering the iPhone, iPod and iPad device) and Mac (powering its laptop and desktop computers). Apple tends to schedule special media events to showcase significant new devices or services - the only exception being new versions of the iPhone, which at this point is less of a major event than the introduction of new products.

Also, while Apple may offer a preview of iOS 5 (the next major overhaul of the technology) at WWDC, those covering Apple more closely feel the new operating system won't actually be unveiled until this fall. The iOS 5 update is expected to usher in a variety of cloud-based services from Apple, including the much-talked-about music locker service.

For the past several years, Apple has scheduled major music-related announcements for September. Last year, the company revealed the Beatles catalog coming to iTunes in September. Given what we've heard about Apple still not giving labels the specifics of its planned streaming locker service, a unveiling of the final product in fall seems more logical than something this June.