Created to replace the Smithsonian's out-of-print 1973 jazz overview, a 47-member committee has curated a package that speaks best to academics looking for a compact jazz encyclopedia. The approach is chronological, the canon largely unchanged from previous compendia of the music's history, though room has been made for Sun Ra. The 200-page book that accompanies the six-CD, 111-song set provides a dissection of mostly great works with technical, historical and musical details. Overall, it lacks a distinct point of view. The first four discs are pleasant listening experiences covering swing, big band, bebop and hard bop. The music splinters on disc five, placing Stan Getz's bossa nova, John Coltrane's version of a Mass and the Mahavishnu Orchestra within the rubric of jazz. The set does go out on a limb to compartmentalize the post-Coltrane era and it's encouraging to see Tomasz Stanko, Anthony Braxton and the Art Ensemble of Chicago seated at the table with Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker, an acknowledgement that the music continues to evolve deep in the shadows of popular culture