Billboard.Biz's App Of The Month: SoundTracking
Billboard.Biz's App Of The Month: SoundTracking

Once a week for the last four weeks, we've been highlighting the new music apps for we've seen for smartphones, online and the iPad. To be honest I wasn't sure if there would be enough activity to justify a weekly roundup of music related apps, but was quickly proved wrong. So at the end of the first month of this experiment, we're taking the next step and awarding one of the apps featured as our App of the Month.

For March, we've selected SoundTracking. The app was launched at South by Southwest and gets the honor for skillfully putting together a slick blend of location, check-in status, song ID, photos, comments and social networking to the process of music discover and sharing.

With SoundTracking, users can tag a song they're listening to either through a built-in ID feature or by simply noting the current song playing on their phone. They can then add a photo, note their location, and make comments before submitting to the community. Anyone also using the app and connected to the user will then get an update of what song they're listening to, preview a 30-second sample, and link through to iTunes to buy. Updates are also sent via Twitter and Facebook.

They say the best mobile apps are those that take full advantage of mobility, and this app does that in spades. With 100,000 downloads of the free app already logged in, SoundTracking is well on its way to becoming a bona fide hit -- check it out here.

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