Facebook Agrees To Improve Transparency...In Europe
Facebook Agrees To Improve Transparency...In Europe

Mobile check-in services are hot right now, and technology firm Neurotic Media is hoping to capitalize on that with a new service that lets users get free access to digital music when checking into various locations via Facebook.

The service is called Music Check-In Incentives, and no… that's not a consumer-facing brand name. It's a "white-label" service aimed at companies that want to offer visitors downloadable music when they check into certain venues using Facebook's Check In feature.

It works like this: a user checks into a location using Facebook on their mobile phone; the owner of that establishment using Neurotic Media's service can then immediately reward that check in with a free music download, or a playlist, or credits that users can apply to any song they wish on iTunes or other digital retailers.

The participating company then gets to post a message on the user's Facebook Wall, notifying them of the check in and the reward provided.

The first implementation of the service is with Facebook, but Neurotic Media says it will soon apply to other social networks with their own geo-location systems (think Foursquare).

The music industry is still searching for a way to merge location-based mobile technology with music promotion. This is an easy solution for that. Record stores can give away free tracks to anyone checking in at their location in hopes of driving subsequent sales of the corresponding album. Concert venues can reward check ins with a free sample of a song from an upcoming act. Bands can offer a scavenger hunt-like experience, rewarding fans who check into secret locations with new or unreleased tracks as a way to hype an upcoming album or tour.