Rhino Musical Aptitude Test, Facetones and AudioVroom: This Week in Apps
Rhino Musical Aptitude Test, Facetones and AudioVroom: This Week in Apps

Rhino Musical Aptitude Test

Rhino Records released a trivia app designed to find the biggest music geek in a digital update to the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test it first conducted 15 years ago. The app has more than 1,200 questions spanning a wide variety of genres, artists and decades. Players must answer five questions per round before advancing to the next stage. They get three "lifesavers" per round, which reduce the multiple choice options from four to two per round. Get three questions in a round wrong, and you're out of the game. A gamecenter lets users rank themselves against others and challenge friends to trivia contests. And the first player to get all 1,200 questions right will win a grand prize package worth $4,500, including gift cards, limited edition music, artist memorabilia and more. Runners up will get gift cards as well.


The ringtone fad is over, but Vringo is milking it for what it can with the introduction of Facetones for Android phones. The app creates an automated video slideshow from photos of users friends pulled from Facebook, and then plays the slideshow when the phone rings.


Most apps developed at Music Hack Days never see the light of day. But some make it to commercial release, and AudioVroom is the latest. The app lets users share personalized Internet radio stations by simply bumping phones together. The app lets users create a playlist using 7digital, which is randomized into a personal radio station of sorts, and then share that by bumping phones. There's also a gameplay element, where users earn points for sharing playlists, adding friends to their list, and rating songs. Points are redeemable for ad-free music streaming. They can also be bought for 99-cents a point or subscribed to for $40 a year.

App Briefs:
- The 7digital UK digital music service is now available on Android phones.

- ParkVu updated its Music WithMe app for Android devices with new features like recently shared music streams, and free music from participating partner labels.

- Rdio and the Echo Nest team up on API integration