Thoughts From 51 Hours In SF: @iTunes, @Google and Angry Little Clouds
Thoughts From 51 Hours In SF: @iTunes, @Google and Angry Little Clouds

Monday's SF Music Tech conference in San Francisco had the heavy volume of tweets one would expect from an event at the music and technology capital of the country. If not for some apparent problems at Twitter that resulted in hours of missing activity, the following list of tweets from the conference would undoubtedly be much longer. Nevertheless, following the Twitter stream allows one to get an idea of the conversation at the event. So here are our favorite tweets about cloud music, live event marketing, the importance of audio quality, the apparent death of MySpace and the lack of investors in attendance.

-- @resnicow
"Not many investors in the music no longer sexy??"

-- @Faolon
"Dina Lapolt: 'Do you really want a 65yr old artist limping along like Seabiscut touring?'"

-- @CathyGellis
"Also feeling fatigued with how 'artists need to make a living' meme has become shorthand for 'artists need to get rich.'"

-- @webmusicguy
"Will audio quality hurt cloud? - "I hate to say it, but LPs were replaced by cassettes. Half the audio quality." -Larry Kenswil

-- @anukirk
"Hey Bruno, if it is so easy to do data matching, YOU do it. Not easy at all."

-- @mmasnick
"Can we strike the phrase "so-and-so *deserves* money" from #sfmusictech? No one *deserves* money. You have to earn it w/a biz model."

-- @notshocking
"another mention from techcrunch writer about the music business 'having no future' #givemeanotherbreak #sfmusictech #NOT_TRUE"

-- @thomcummings

-- @Jonny_Satts
"One only needs to look at any social media metric tool like Next Big Sound to see MySpace is dead."

-- @rosical
Ladies & gentleman we have crossed the barrier, MTV now gives a best music hack award. 'Developers are the new rockstars!'"

-- @startupventures
"At #sfmusictech conference-- definitely a heightened fashion / style sense here vs most tech conferences!"

-- @ljharb
"I have to give a shoutout to for the most reliable wifi #sfmusictech has ever had. Please RT so they do it next time!"