Exclusive: MySpace Launches New Music Player, Search Function, Facebook Integration
Exclusive: MySpace Launches New Music Player, Search Function, Facebook Integration

Myspace: Less Your Space
-- Artist and digital market experts, take note: MySpace is holding the line on unique visitors but losing momentum on other metrics, according to comScore numbers scrutinized by TechCrunch. People are visiting far less often and spending far less time there. So adjust your resources accordingly.

From February to April, unique U.S. visitors were flat at 37 million but time spent fell 48%, total page views sank 50% and average daily visitors dropped 13%. The same trends occurred in global numbers in March: uniques were flat at 62 million while average daily visitors fell 13%, total time spent on the site dropped 23% and total page views dropped 23% (to three billion). And keep in mind March had three more days than February, which helped those numbers a bit.

So how to interpret the numbers? It appears Myspace is clinging to a core group of hardcore users and is still a common source for information on music artists. But with Facebook dominating social media and more bands using Facebook as a primary social media outlet, Myspace is getting less of that traffic. But it's odd that many metrics are falling while unique visitors is holding steady.

Some comments at the TechCrunch post suggest possible factors for the discrepancy: comScore numbers can be manipulated, a change in Google's search algorithm has benefitted Myspace and Myspace now auto-tweets song plays for users who have linked their Myspace and Twitter accounts.
( TechCrunch)

Grooveshark Licensing ATO, Polyvinyl Catalogs

-- Often forgotten amidst a host of better-publicized and better-funded music services, Grooveshark is staying busy. Now word comes that the Gainesville, Florida-based company has licensed the catalogs of ATO Records and Polyvinyl Recoding Co. The news was first reported at Digital Music News and was confirmed to Billboard by Grooveshark's executive vice president of music strategy, Jack DeYoung.

ATO's roster includes David Gray, My Morning Jacket, Gomez, Drive-By Truckers and Widespread Panic. Polyvinyl is home to recent releases by Japandroids, Of Montreal, Vivian Girls, Deerhoof and Asobi Seksu.

Color Theory's Amazon Check Is Lost in The Mail
-- A humorous item comes from Brian Hazard (a.k.a. Color Theory). At his blog, the artist expresses the joys of paying $30 a year to sell CDs independently through Amazon:

"They take 55% of the sales price, which means I get $4.50 for a $10 CD. That wouldn't be so bad, except their automated system has a nasty habit of ordering one unit at a time, and I pay shipping to the warehouse. Subtracting $2 to mail each CD, I net $2.50.…Occasionally their ordering system predicts healthy sales, as it did when it ordered 17 units of "The Thought Chapter." When that prediction is off, they randomly send CDs back, on my dime. Today I received another two units, not in a small padded mailer, but in a box big enough for 30 units. With delivery confirmation, because heaven forbid two unsellable CDs get lost in the mail."
(Color Theory blog)