Apple Quarterly Earnings Lower Than Expected
Apple Quarterly Earnings Lower Than Expected

The 10th anniversary of Apple's retail stores is this coming Thursday, and rumors are swirling that the company may have a surprise product launch planned to mark the occasion.

According to the Apple insider blog Boy Genius Report, a flurry of activity is planned for this weekend. Details include:

- 10-15 employees at each store are scheduled for overnight shifts from Saturday to Sunday, during which employees are required to lock their mobile phones in the store office and sign an non-disclosure agreement
- Hardware has already been shipped to retail outlets, with more on the way, all kept "under lock and key" until the weekend
- Black curtains will be hung over the windows this weekend so passersby cannot see inside
- Employees have downloaded a password-protected "training" file that will remain inaccessible until Saturday
- A mandatory employee meeting is scheduled for Sunday morning.

This seems like an awful lot of activity for something like a new-colored iPhone. Could it be the rumored iPhone Nano? Or perhaps Apple's long-awaited cloud music service? Stay tuned ...