SoundCloud Receives Investment from Ashton Kutcher's A-Grade Fund, Passes 5 Million Users
SoundCloud Receives Investment from Ashton Kutcher's A-Grade Fund, Passes 5 Million Users

Ashton Kutcher -- actor, celebrity and apparently something of a technologist -- took the stage this morning on the second day of TechCrunch Disrupt, and told Charlie Rose that he wants to create a "Y Combinator for media companies."

Kutcher said his specific talent was moving ideas and businesses from the fringe to the mainstream, using his race with CNN to get a million followers on Twitter as moving the platform in to popular use. He added that he has 6 million twitter followers and 9 million Facebook fans, and can use that megaphone to push brands forward.

The actor said that the first thing he looks for when judging potential investors is whether or not the company solves a problem, and that his goal is to bring some of the efficiencies that exist in the tech world to the film world.

He also shared an anecdote about discovering his films on a download site and sending the link to the movie studio, only to be met with silence. He compared the current cannibalization of the film industry to what's happened in the music industry over the past decade.

Elsewhere at the conference, a handful of music companies were in the main hall at TechCrunch Disrupt:

-- Bitvibe is an Austin company that sells fan art with a band's blessing, displayed a Kiss painting and a Styx guitar, and shared a story about sellingfan art at a band's show with great success.

-- Gobbler allows musicians to upload and share large files, was also present on start-up alley, positioning itself as a way for artists to keep track of files and avoid the dreaded loss of the disc containing their new album.

-- Thinglink, which embeds links in images and then allows the images to go viral and be shared, demoed an example of a product it did for Simple Plan, where clicking on various parts of the band's album cover directed users to videos, songs, and places to buy music.