Kickstarter Advice the Highlight of TechCrunch Disrupt's Day Three
Kickstarter Advice the Highlight of TechCrunch Disrupt's Day Three

Day three of TechCrunch Disrupt featured a panel on the "Kickstarter Economy," with founder Yancey Stricker and the creators of three Kickstarter-funded projects (Rafael Atijas, who created a three string guitar for kids; Dan Provost, who made iPod tripod mound Gilf and tablet pen Cosmonaut; and Sean Bonner of Safecast, a blog that aggregates radioactivity data). Strickler said that since it launched in 2009, Kickstarter has hosted 24,000 projects, with film and music as the dominant catagories. He added that of those, 8,500 met their funding goals.

Strickler used the panel to offer advice to those who want to use Kickstarter, saying that those seeking funding should make the pitch about an object, not a company. He also said that telling a personal story about why the project is being created is key to attracting funders. Finally, he said the site gets about 300 new pitches a day.

The rest of the day was light on music-related topics; while Google's Marissa Mayer was interviewed at length, she was not asked about Google Music at all.

So has music fallen out of favor in the start-up world? None of the Startup Battlefield finalists touched music, and only one of the Battlefield presenters was in the music space. Only one panel was dedicated to music, and only a small handful of companies on the "start-up alley were focused on music." While a few people buzzed around reports of a Spotify/Facebook deal Wednesday afternoon, no one mentioned the streaming service at Disrupt before the news broke. Has the game changed? Time will tell...

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