Apple iCloud Review: Don't Cut Your Cords Just Yet
Apple iCloud Review: Don't Cut Your Cords Just Yet

When Steve Jobs talks, people listen. Then they do a whole lot of talking themselves, usually with their fingers.

Overall, the reaction to Apple's iCloud announcement within the music industry was rather muted, partially because most of the information was already out there. Most of the subscription music services issued statements reminding everybody they still exist, and a number of other companies chimed in with statements that served very little purpose at all other than to try to attach their brand to a big story.

But other outlets took a little more time to consider exactly what Apple's new service means, and we've compiled our favorite stories and Tweets from around the Web below:

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iTunes in the Cloud: A Great Start, But Just That

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iCloud: Just A Lot Of Hot Air When It Comes To Streaming?

"This is not the iCloud I was looking for"
Paul Lamare, The Echo Nest (@plamere)

"Surprised that there's not even limited sharing, recommendations available-let a friend hear a song once, etc"
Peter Kafka, All Things D (@pkafka)

"iTunes Match answers "where did the Lala tech end up?"
Ethan Kaplan, former WMG exec (@ethank)

"The killer iTunes Match feature is that it's the first feasible push to monetize piracy on a scale worth pursuing."
Jason Feinberg, Concord Records (@jasonfeinberg)

"Out of all of Apple's announcements yesterday, I think the iOS deep #twitter integration is the most meaningful. Extremely high impact."
David Pakman, Venrock (@pakman)