Today in Hacking: Sony Music Ireland, FoxNews, VBulletin; Apple Server Compromised
Today in Hacking: Sony Music Ireland, FoxNews, VBulletin; Apple Server Compromised

Sony Music Ireland said its web site was hacked Monday after three bogus news stories appeared on the homepage. It was the latest in a string of attacks on Sony dating back to the infiltration of its PlayStation and Qriocity networks in April.

One fake article at the Sony Music Ireland site had the headline "Tragedy Strikes The Script" and reported the death of two band members. Sony issued a statement that said the band members are indeed fine. The hackers also posted fake articles about Rebecca Black, R Kelly and "X Factor" contestants.

The company's domain,, currently does not load.

The attack on Sony Music Ireland's site is the latest in a string of highly publicized attacks on Sony properties. The most famous is the attack on Sony's PlayStation and Qriocity networks that compromised the personal information of some 77 million consumers.

Coincidently, Sony announced Monday the two networks would be fully restored in Japan on Tuesday, July 6. In the last six weeks, Sony Music websites have also been attacked in Japan, Greece, Brazil and Portugal, according to various news reports.

There were at least two other significant hacking attacks on well-known companies over the weekend.

An Apple server was hacked by the group AntiSec, a collection of hackers from Anonymous and the group that has targeted Sony on a number of occasions, LulzSec. A document, according to reports contained 27 user names and passwords was posted online. Compared to other recent breaches, the attack on Apple was relatively light.

Although no other information appears to have been taken, the attack could stoke concerns about Apple's ability to prevent additional attacks once its iCloud service launches later this year. But it could simply get lucky. In the Twitter post announcing the attack, AntiSec hinted it could go after Apple if it chose to do so. "Apple could be target, too," the company wrote. "But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere."

In addition, FoxNews' Twitter account was hacked Monday morning. The account posted six messages Monday that claimed President Obama had been assassinated. FoxNews has explained that its servers were not compromised and the hackers gained access to the Twitter account through an email address linked to the account.

Contrary to reports, direct-to-fan service Topspin was not hacked last week. The company that was hacked was vBulletin, the site that hosted Topspin's community forum, "but no information was lost and there's no indication that any user data was compromised," Topspin's Brad Barrish wrote at the company blog. As a result of the incident, Topspin switched to a competitor, Zendesk. Added Barrish, "Our community forums are not connected in any way with the Topspin application."