Beatport's Revamped Website Empowers DJs
Beatport's Revamped Website Empowers DJs

Beatport, a global online digital music store catering to DJs and electronic dance music fans based in Denver and Berlin, has just announced the launch of an upgraded version of their site in HTML5.

The HTML5 version allows for improved access and availability on a wider range of computers, tablets and mobile platforms. On Beatport's former Flash site, downloading times were longer and Apple iPads and iPhones were unable to access the site without first downloading an app.

The new site has more functinality including track detail pages that display BPM (beats per minute), song key, and waveforms as well as personalized recommendations. DJs can also use an extensive set of filters to sort music by dozens of subgenres, release timing and popularity.

Beatport CEO Matthew Adell said in a statement that, "DJs come to Beatport to find unique tracks that will make their sets unique, just like they used to scour neighborhood record stores. The new Beatport experience confirms our commitment to furthering and preserving the art of DJing."

Founded in 2004, Beatport offers music in a variety of digital formats most often from independent labels. The site says some 95 percent of its sales are tracks from independent labels. According to the site, it adds on average 20,000 new tracks each week, many of which are exclusives. Beatport also claims last quarter it had more than 5 million visitors, an average shopping session of one hour and an average cart purchase of $17.

"Electronic music is coming out of the underground and igniting the world," famed DJ/producer David Guetta said in the same release. "Dance music is redefining our pop culture and no other site caters to it like Beatport."