Bjork: Hack My Apps!
Bjork: Hack My Apps!

We've heard of artists encouraging fans to pirate their music. But pirating their app is a new one.

Yet Bjork did just that this week, in an interview with Drowned in Sound. Since unveiling the first apps designed in conjunction with her "Biophilia" album, the singer has taken some heat for releasing the apps only for Apple devices. That leaves Android and BlackBerry users out of luck.

In response, Bjork has invited fans to hack the apps to make them available for those other platforms.

"I'm not supposed to say this, probably, but I'm trusting that the pirates out there won't tie their hands behind their back," she told the website. "That's why we really made sure when we wrote all the programs that they will transfer to other systems. I mean, I don't totally understand technologically what it is that makes that possible."

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The multi-platform "Biophilia" includes both songs and apps. Each song has a companion app, all of which are housed in a sort of "mother app." That mother app is free, with each track-related app carrying a price.
 The first app out is for the track "Crystalline," which includes not only the lyrics to the song and some animations, but also a game that has users chasing crystals by tilting the screen of the iPad or iPhone while listening to the song.

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Several more apps are expected over the next few weeks in the run-up to the Sept. 27 album release date. Most are expected to be the same mix of lyrics, animation, and gaming features.