Kyle Frenette: 30 Under 30
Kyle Frenette: 30 Under 30
Kyle Frenette

Kyle Frenette

Founder, Amble Down Records; Founder, Middle West Management

The rise of Bon Iver from a small-town Wisconsin bedroom project to a hit indie act is the stuff of music industry folklore, with sales of its debut now reaching 350,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Kyle Frenette, now 23, has managed Bon Iver since he was 19 years old. Even before Frenette entered the management world through his own Middle West Management, he had founded independent label Amble Down Records in early 2007 as a college freshman. In the midst of Bon Iver's rise, Frenette led Amble Down to release an average of four albums per year and picked up more management clients, including S. Carey. While he admits he struggles with change, Frenette says that he's thrived by "staying informed and ahead of the curve." Extras:

Quote: "Thanks, Billboard! Skipping out on college really has its perks!"

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Twitter: @AmbleDown

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