Kings of Leon Management Removes Dallas Show Clips From YouTube
Kings of Leon Management Removes Dallas Show Clips From YouTube

Many fans have already witnessed Kings of Leon's train wreck performance in Dallas last weekend, but the band's management is still attempting to remove YouTube clips of fan-shot videos from the show.

Vector Management has successfully removed several clips, which featured lead singer Caleb Followill expressing discomfort and telling fans, "I'm gonna go backstage and vomit, I'm gonna drink a beer" before leaving the stage. According to Rolling Stone, Vector is citing copyright claims, though nearly all the videos removed focus on stage banter - which is not copyrightable - rather than the music itself.

Though Vector was more diligent earlier in the week, several clips from the show still remain on YouTube.

Rolling Stone notes that Vector may be attempting to lessen the story, or obscure potential evidence that may lead insurers to believe that Followill was drunk at the time of the show, rather than exhausted.

Following the July 29th show, the band canceled all 29 remaining dates of their U.S. summer tour. Blaming vocal problems and exhaustion for the cancellation, Followill told reporters, "I'm just trying to get better."

A representative for the band did not immediately respond to THR's request for comment.