Bridget Unger: 30 Under 30
Bridget Unger: 30 Under 30
Bridget Unger

Bridget Unger

Director of Music Resources, EMI Music Publishing

Bridget Unger, 28, has expanded EMI Music Publishing's reach into nontraditional media, from apparel to gaming companies. Unger also has licensing responsibilities for EMI/Capitol Records under the company's comprehensive rights management structure. She guided a recent blanket license agreement with American Greetings that made EMI the preferred content provider for the greeting card giant, one of EMI's most important merchandise clients. Unger's work with Paper Jamz led to EMI being represented on 17 of 54 songs used in the company's toy guitars. Other deals she engineered include placements with Hasbro's Let's Rock Elmo doll and Lyric Culture's first line of mass accessories. "Bridget is one of the few music licensing executives who's truly passionate about her writers," says Rick Martin, CEO of lyric apparel company Swag Like Us. "Bridget understands how to creatively think outside the box, preserve the integrity of her writers' work, and still has the time to create projects that are successful and profitable for all parties involved." Extras:


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Twitter: @bridgetunger

Spotify Playlist: Public Service Announcement

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