Mobile Gamers Willingly Buy In-Game Content

More proof that the freemium model?otherwise known as "try before you buy"?is working on the mobile app front: App analytics company Flurry says games that are free to download but sell in-game content average about $14 per transaction. Of those transactions, 71% total less than $10, 16% are between $10 and $20, and 13% exceed $20. These figures are limited only to iPhone and Android games. The lesson here? Sell music in mobile games.

TV App Usage grows Among net-Connected TV Owners

New research from In-Stat shows that TV app usage is catching on. Of those households with TVs that feature Internet access, 60% are using TV apps built specifically for that platform at least once per week. Dominating usage among these apps are YouTube and Netflix. In addition, 22% of homes with broadband Internet access now have an app-compatible connected TV, and the number of users who prefer monthly subscriptions over on-demand payment for content increased from 18% to 30% last year.

Online Video-Sharing Site Usage Rises

According to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 71% of Americans with Internet access use video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, up from 66% last year. Pew also finds that 68% of online rural residents report using video-sharing services, compared with 71% of suburban Internet users and 72% of urban users. That puts the usage likelihood at about even, regardless of region.